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How to Be Successful in Forex Trading - The Power of One

If you want to be successful in forex trading you can do so by being focused. Start with one currency pair, for one time frame, with whatever favourite indicator you like. Then formulate a strategy, trade it, take notes, keep trading and tweak it.

How to Take Advantage of FXCM's Restrictions

FXCM has imposed several restrictions to prevent itself from loss. If a forex broker cannot make money it will not be in business and if it’s not in business it would not enable us to trade on the currency market. Yes, I know, I know it’s horrible isn’t it. FXCM’s restrictions seem too restrictive. But… them’s the breaks. If you want to go elsewhere then by all means do so.

5 Important Questions When Back Testing Forex System

Here are five important questions you need to ponder on before you embark on your forex trading journey: 1. What data type are you using (or going to use)? I know this sounds strange, especially if you have experience from another market such as stocks as their generally is only one type of data source available. However, in the forex market you can have up to 4 different data types: bid, ask, mid and indicative.