How Much Do I Need To Trade Forex Full Time?

How much do you need to trade forex full-time?

Forex Broker Price Manipulation

Do forex brokers manipulate price? If they know where your stops are on their books, do they stop hunt?

Where To Place Stops? Just Place Stops & Learn.

It can be a trap to think there’s a magical zone where initial stops and trailing stops are to be placed. Focus on placing stops and learn where they should be placed based on your trading experience.

How to Handle a String of Losses

If you fail to learn from your mistakes you are likely to be destined to repeat them. What things should you be asking yourself when you conduct a trade review and audit after a string of losses?

What Are Forex Options?

What are forex options? Are they real options, like stock and futures options? Will we see these new volumes registered on the CBOE?

Why Forex Traders Lose

If you’ve been in the forex market enough you will often hear people making anecdotal cries that the majority of forex traders do not make money trading forex. Why is this? And why trade forex?

What Is Indicative Price in Forex Data?

What does indicative pricing mean when looking at historical forex data?

How to Take Advantage of FXCM's Restrictions

FXCM has imposed several restrictions to prevent itself from loss. If a forex broker cannot make money it will not be in business and if it’s not in business it would not enable us to trade on the currency market. Yes, I know, I know it’s horrible isn’t it. FXCM’s restrictions seem too restrictive. But… them’s the breaks. If you want to go elsewhere then by all means do so.

What Is MAE, MFE and Drawdown, and Should I Care?

What do the metric values of your system’s results mean? Especially the values of MAE, MFE and Drawdown. In this article we explore what they mean and what values should have you concerned.

Markets Are Predictable Except When They're Not

What is the core philosophy behind your forex trading development? Are you creating a system that tries to capture every up and down move regardless of market volatility?