Individual Forex Broker Price Manipulation

How can you prove if price had been manipulated to stop you out of your trade? It can be very difficult to prove, especially when your stop loss ended up being at the price extreme. Here are a couple of thoughts on action you can take to minimise being spiked out of a trade.

Broker Demo Accounts Are Shill!

If you’re starting out in forex trading should you open a demo account? Jimmy Young states that ‘Demo accounts are a shill’, and I agree, but there are 2 reasons why you would still use a demo account and there’s only one forex broker demo account you should use.

How to Be Successful in Forex Trading - The Power of One

If you want to be successful in forex trading you can do so by being focused. Start with one currency pair, for one time frame, with whatever favourite indicator you like. Then formulate a strategy, trade it, take notes, keep trading and tweak it.

How to Calculate Your Synthetic Forex Position

How can you create a synthetic forex position? Why is it important to even consider what your portfolio synthetic position is? How can you reduce your portfolio risk by calculating your synthetic exposure?

Forex Bastards

What do Forex Bastards recommend, and what type of strategy does Felix employ in his own personal forex trading?

Nicholas Darvas Book Review

The core principles of trading are the same regardless of instrument or market. Grab your free copy of Nicholas Darvas’ biography and incorporate the same fundamentals into your own trading approach.

Metatrader 4

If you’re looking to get started with automating your forex system then the best way to get started is through MetaTrader 4.

Automated Forex Trading System

When starting out with automation in the forex market it’s important to know how to interface with your forex broker and what software you will need on your computer to interface with it. Start by exploring the options around to see what best suits your needs.

Get Started in Forex Trading - Learn a Skill

If you’re starting out in forex trading you may want to try, and acquire another skill. Forex trading is extremely difficult and hardly anybody starting makes any money. By acquiring another skill the time and money will not all be lost.

How to Improve Your Forex Trading

What do you do when you’ve lost in forex trading? Do you give up and walk away? Or do you try to refine your system and try again? Here’s a story I had with another fellow trader who went through the same experience.