Automated Forex Trading System

When starting out with automation in the forex market it’s important to know how to interface with your forex broker and what software you will need on your computer to interface with it. Start by exploring the options around to see what best suits your needs.

How To Get Started Forex Trading

If you’re starting out in forex trading you may want to try, and acquire another skill. Forex trading is extremely difficult and hardly anybody starting makes any money. By acquiring another skill the time and money will not all be lost.

How To Improve Your Forex Trading

What do you do when you’ve lost in forex trading? Do you give up and walk away? Or do you try to refine your system and try again? Here’s a story I had with another fellow trader who went through the same experience.

Popular Forex Candlestick Patterns

Do candlestick patterns work in forex trading? If you’ve come from other trading markets such as stocks and futures you’d be hard-pressed to find any gap features most prevalent in candlestick patterns.

5 Important Questions When Back Testing Forex Systems

Here are five important questions you need to ponder on before you embark on your forex trading journey: 1. What data type are you using (or going to use)? I know this sounds strange, especially if you have experience from another market such as stocks as their generally is only one type of data source… Continue reading 5 Important Questions When Back Testing Forex Systems