What Is MAE, MFE and Drawdown, and Should I Care?

What do the metric values of your system’s results mean? Especially the values of MAE, MFE and Drawdown. In this article we explore what they mean and what values should have you concerned.

Markets Are Predictable Except When They're Not

What is the core philosophy behind your forex trading development? Are you creating a system that tries to capture every up and down move regardless of market volatility?

Forex Correlation - A Strategy To Minimise Risk

How can you effectively trade multiple pairs in opposing directions and still profit? If two currency pairs have a high correlation can you enter long in one pair and short in the other and still come out profitable?

Popular Forex Candlestick Patterns

Do candlestick patterns work in forex trading? If you’ve come from other trading markets such as stocks and futures you’d be hard-pressed to find any gap features most prevalent in candlestick patterns.

5 Important Questions When Back Testing Forex System

Here are five important questions you need to ponder on before you embark on your forex trading journey: 1. What data type are you using (or going to use)? I know this sounds strange, especially if you have experience from another market such as stocks as their generally is only one type of data source available. However, in the forex market you can have up to 4 different data types: bid, ask, mid and indicative.