How to Make MT4 Faster – VPS Hardware Adjustments

How can I make MetaTrader 4 run faster on my VPS? Here are 3 tips your VPS hardware will need if you want to improve the performance of your Expert Advisor.

5 Tips on How to Handle Drawdowns Like a Pro

What is drawdown? Here are 5 tips on how to minimise the effect of drawdown on your forex trading account.

How to Choose an Automated Trading Platform

Which automated trading platform do you use? Here are the 3 most popular forex trading platform.

How to Automate Forex Trading with Robots

If you have been bitten by the forex trading bug then there’s some sound advice in approaching this which you need to hear and heed…

Where Can I Practice Forex Trading?

There are three ways you can practice trading on the forex market: demo trade live, paper trade historical data, or back-test using automated buy and sell signals. Choosing which to use depends on your time availability and skill set. Forex simulators can help many forex traders improve their forex trading without needing to know how to code.

Should You Buy This Forex Course?

Do you need to buy that new forex course? You can if you want, or you could take that money and put it into a forex account, trade, then learn about your mistakes. You’ll progress much faster if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn about how you trade.

Individual Forex Broker Price Manipulation

How can you prove if price had been manipulated to stop you out of your trade? It can be very difficult to prove, especially when your stop loss ended up being at the price extreme. Here are a couple of thoughts on action you can take to minimise being spiked out of a trade.

Broker Demo Accounts Are Shill!

If you’re starting out in forex trading should you open a demo account? Jimmy Young states that ‘Demo accounts are a shill’, and I agree, but there are 2 reasons why you would still use a demo account and there’s only one forex broker demo account you should use.

How to Be Successful in Forex Trading - The Power of One

If you want to be successful in forex trading you can do so by being focused. Start with one currency pair, for one time frame, with whatever favourite indicator you like. Then formulate a strategy, trade it, take notes, keep trading and tweak it.

Forex Bastards

What do Forex Bastards recommend, and what type of strategy does Felix employ in his own personal forex trading?