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Know Your Synthetic Forex Position

How can you create a synthetic forex position? Why is it important to even consider what your portfolio synthetic position is? How can you reduce your portfolio risk by calculating your synthetic...

Where Is The Best Place To Put Stops?

Where to place your stop orders in forex trading. How do you place your initial stop loss point, and then where do you place your trailing stop as the position moves in your favour. Some popular exit...

How To Handle A String Of Losses

If you fail to learn from your mistakes you are likely to be destined to repeat them. What things should you be asking yourself when you conduct a trade review and audit after a string of losses?

Why Forex Traders Are Losers

If you've been in the forex market enough you will often hear people making anecdotal cries that the majority of forex traders do not make money trading forex. Why is this? And why trade forex?