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We have set up this web site for anyone interested in the Forex (currency) Market in general and
more specifically in automated or Robot Trading Forex systems.

If, like I was, you are interested in investing but either are afraid of the stock market or have had bad or so-so results in the stock market you have a lot of company my friend. I am going to share what I have found, in my humble opinion, to be the greatest and most consistent profit generating investment opportunity there is today. Personally I have a lot more success with currency trading than with commodity trading. Stocks can become zero and options can expire worthless but currencies can’t.

Then automation kicked in. Some pretty amazing people came up with some pretty amazing software and there it was — automation at its best --Forex Robot Trading . The best part for me was that it basically negated the stressful emotional part. Now that is not to say that all forex trading robot systems are created equal by any means.  I tried a number of them and I have included the ones that I found to be very profitable. My favorite is Fapturbo. I do recommend you have a basic knowledge of the currency market itself ( I have included some info, a few really good courses, and some reading recommendations on this site) as well as some knowledge of what’s involved in forex trading.

So I have included those Robot Trading Forex Software Reviews, Forex Market info, The Daily and Weekly Forex Market Outlook and courses  for those new and not so new to Forex Market trading. Hopefully, in any event, you’ll find this site helpful.

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Forex Market Info

Background information on the Currency Market and Forex Trading in general.

The Forex Market (Foreign Exchange Market) has a trading volume of over $4 trillion daily making it the largest financial market in the world. The way it is traded today originated in 1973 and was originally intended for banks and large institutions. Back then you needed millions of dollars to start trading with. It wasn’t until the mid 1990′s that the forex trading firms started offering trading accounts to ‘retail’ traders like you and me. This was actually due, for the most part, to the popularity of the internet.

The Forex Market is available 24/5 – starting at 5:15PM EST on Sunday until 4:00PM EST on Friday. This is true both for automated as well as manual forex trading.

  • The U.S. session starts around 8am EST and goes until around 5pm EST.
  • The European (London) session starts around 3am EST and goes until around 11am EST.
  • The Asian (Tokyo) session starts around 7pm EST and goes until about 3am EST.

The Forex Market is traded in currency pairs (ex. USD/EUR -US dollar/EURO) where one currency is bought while the other is sold (basically one currency is traded (exchanged) for another).

For a List of currency pairs click here…..

Robot Trading Forex Market Systems

These automated or forex trading robot systems have become very popular of late. They are based on a series of complex algorythms and some are very reliable and can be very profitable. They are literally plug and play and are great for novice traders or for anyone who doesn’t have the time or who simply doesn’t want to watch charts all day. They allow you to make money no matter where you are or what you are doing. Most (99%) of the forex robot trading systems come paired with MetaTrader (an online based trading and charting application).  It is always a good idea to initally test a Forex robot using a demo account before risking any real money in order to get a feel for the product and prove it to yourself  just how great a find it really is. To see The Robot Trading Forex Systems we have found to be very reliable and very profitable – take a look at our product reviews and find out for yourself just how profitable automated trading in the forex market can be.

Even if you are now trading you should try automated currency trading.  Have you ever seen the commercial on TV where the man asks “Who would not want 50% more cash?”?  Well this may very well add more cash to your portfolio. My suggestion would be to give it a try. Why not?